Osu! The Restraint and Removal Seminar with Joe Thambu Shihan this coming Sunday in Kuala Lumpur is open to the Public. No Martial Arts background is necessary. If you are keen to learn applied Self Defence techniques by one of the most sought after Yoshinkan Aikido Instructors in the world, this is a great opportunity….

Congratulations to those who passed their grading . ADULTS 8th Kyu · Muhammad Alif Azize · Jeffrey Aroun Omar · Roxsana (Fatma) 7th Kyu · Azlinda Zaini · Muhd Jedi · Suriya Kumari 5th Kyu · Chris Siah CHILDREN 8th Kyu · Ryan Liew · Austin Liew · Farra Adriana · Farra Allysa · M Aiman…

Please be informed that our Shudokan King of Neko Ukemi, Sensei Jon Marshall, will be teaching in Honbu dojo (Seri Kembangan) this Friday 4th September, 2015. Therefore, please take note that the normal class schedule for this Friday has been changed to 8.00pm – 9.30pm Hope to see everyone on the mats. Osu! .

An excellent weekend with the Modern Masters and our extended Shudokan and Shobukai family of that made our trip of 10,700km worthwhile!

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