Ramlan Ortega Sensei started learning Aikido in the year 1995 and at the end of the year 1997, he was graded to 1st Dan black belt by Kancho Inoue Kyoichi Sensei who was then the Headmaster of International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation, Japan.

In early 1998, Ramlan Ortega Sensei became a student of Thamby Rajah Sensei. A year later, Ramlan Ortega Sensei was graded to 2nd Dan by Thamby Rajah Sensei. Seeing Ramlan Ortega Sensei’s enthusiasm and strong spirit, in January 2002, Thamby Rajah Sensei sent him to Melbourne for intensive training and to be trained personally under his nephew, Joe Thambu Sensei (8th Dan Aikido), who is the Chief Instructor of Aikido Shudokan Australia and also the Technical Advisor of all Aikido Shudokan dojos. Since then, Ramlan Ortega Sensei has devoted his effort to spreading Aikido under the tutelage of Joe Thambu Shihan.

During Kancho Inoue’s visit to Melbourne in March 2003, Ramlan Ortega Sensei was been graded again by him to 3rd Dan.

Ramlan Ortega Sensei has been constantly going to Japan and Australia to undergo advance training and has attended many seminars overseas. He participated in the 50th Anniversary of All Japan Yoshinkan Aikido Demonstration (September 2005). He also featured in many demonstrations in Australia, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand.

Ramlan Ortega Sensei has also trained under world-renowned Aikido teachers such as Kancho Kyoichi Inoue, Tsutomo Chida Shihan, Takafumi Takeno Shihan, Yasuhisa Shioda Kancho (son of Soke Gozo Shioda) and Robert Mustard Sensei (Canada).

July 2007, another history of Aikido Shudokan Malaysia created, when Ramlan Ortega Sensei has been graded to 4th Dan by Joe Thambu Shihan.

In March 2012, Ramlan Ortega Sensei was graded again by Kancho Inoue Kyoichi to 5th Dan in Melbourne.

Recently in June 2018, Ramlan Ortega Sensei was awarded 6th Dan by Shuseki Shihan Joe Thambu, the Head of Aikido Shudokan International.

Ramlan Ortega Sensei set up his organization with a few objectives:

  • to embraces the philosophies of Yoshinkan Aikido and looks to spread these philosophies to broader community
  • to uphold the martial arts way
  • to achieve and maintain a high level of Aikido for himself and also his students
  • to achieve accreditation for all Black belts from the International Yoshinkan Aikido federation, Japan
  • to maintain excellent relationship with all Aikido practitioners internationally
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